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WordPress Design Agency
Charles Blake

We saw a 65% increase in traffic after Shape Themes redesigned our site; customers tell us how proud they are of our website.

Charles Blake – Sports Bar

Website Traffic

No Traffic; Know Problems!

Websites that do not attract traffic have no value; it’s like opening a Wendy’s restaurant in the Six Flags theme park in New Orleans, Louisiana. What’s the point? It has zero traffic!

Choose a WordPress Design Agency build sites to get website traffic! Remember, no traffic means that you know problems and lots of them.

My target market is women between the ages of 25 and 34; we had to reach them without alienating everyone else. Shape Themes WOWED us!

Karen Millsap – Custom Jewelry

Karen Millsap

Conversion Is King

Internet Marketing has a plethora of acronyms, quotes, and profound phrases. One such phrase is, “Conversion is King” A website’s ability to convert traffic into customers, clients, subscribers, and members depend on how that site is built and marketed. At Shape Themes, we build sites classified a Traffic Magnets. Let’s get started with your dream!

traffic conversions
Drew Bishop

Twenty years ago, my father built a website for our mechanic shop, that site rarely got traffic; once I handed it over to these guys, our new client base increased like crazy!

Drew Bishop – Auto Mechanic Shop

UI UX Design ​Services

UI / UX Design

Two critical elements of web design that most web designers overlook are UI and UX. UI is an acronym for User Interface, and it refers to how layout and look of the site. Most web designers stop right there. It’s a horrible decision! Because UX, which refers to the User’s Experience, is equally important. At Shape Themes, we meld UI, and UX like the LA Philharmonic melds together a symphony. Are you ready for the experience?

When outdoors stores starting closing, we became concerned because 100% of our customers were walk-ins. We contacted Shape Themes, and they built a store for us that has been a revenue machine! These are true professionals.

Greg Charles – Outdoor Gear

Greg Charles

​What You Can Expect ​Working With Shape Themes


This is the only level of service that we provide; we cannot fathom anything less.


Few things are worse than a relationship that is teeming with a lack of communication.

A Clear

Every website that we build has a clearly defined strategy; we leave nothing to chance!

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